Breathtaking panoramic views of Zanzibar, flying high in the sky, there is nothing like it! Everyone can do it 8 - 80 years! Safest, easiest and most exciting ocean sports activity. The activity will be 30 - 40 Minutes, including the boat ride and each person flying for 10 minutes, see the brilliant colors of the coral reef around the northern tip of Zanzibar - stretching over 2 km's into the Ocean. Parasailing is an adventure anyone can enjoy because there is no running or jumping, and no experience is necessary. Your captain will provide safety and flying instructions to ensure you have a fantastic time in the safest way possible. When it is your turn to parasail, you will be secured in a safety harness. You are safely and securely attached to the rope allowing you to float in the air and enjoy the thrill of flying and the amazing panoramic views of the island.