Nungwi Cultural Village Tour

Nungwi, North region of the Zanzibar Island
7 Hours Guided Tour
Nungwi Cultural Village Tour

This tour mainly focuses on Cultural village visit of the Nungwi Village, sightseeing and free time to relax at the white sand beach of the north. The village is located at northern part of Zanzibar Island. This cultural tour will give to you opportunity to experience the life style in which people of Nungwi village are living, experiencing the local community’s economic activities, visiting local houses which are smeared. You can also see the fish market is in full swing.

Again number of very interesting things to see and do including, the natural aquarium in which is a home endangered sea turtles and a variety of fish. The aquarium itself is a natural formation carved out from the coral bedrock by the erosion of millions of waves crashing against the shore. The depth of the water rises and falls with the tides providing a natural environment for its inhabitants.

You might also wonder to see how the local boats are made, how the fish nets and sails are repaired. Lunch and refreshments are arranged there to taste local delicacies or international food. This is the best trip that give you the scope to discover the life of local fisherman of the island. After the walk you can either relax on the sandy beaches or go swimming in the natural sea.